Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Beauty Within...!

I am Dusky with average features and have grown up taking comment from family that i am not beautiful and i have been believing this "yes the real beauty is how you look outside".

Today i am a women and i see the world from my eyes, i don't need anyone's certificate & approvals on my thought. I love my self and i know i am beautiful as i am beautiful inside.

I love the people around me, i help as many i can and contribute to society as much i can!

I always enjoy every moment of my life & don't think much about the future but i plan my day and days to come to use my time well and to do better every day with my life.

This is for all the people who are born with average looks outside. Who think they are not beautiful and need someone's approval or certificate on their personality.

Believe in yourself. The world and every specie is made by a power no one has ever seen but believed to be god as per their religions. And trust me he cannot create an ugly thing.

If You are beautiful Within you look beautiful outside!